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CBD Tea Bundle

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Quick Overview

Want to drink your CBD but can't decide which CBD Buddha Teas to try first? Because each of our four distinct CBD Teas boasts its own flavor profile and benefits, why choose? We're happy to present all four selections for one great price, which allows you to check in with yourself throughout the day and decide in the moment which blend will serve you best.

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CBD Tea Bundle Health Benefits

  • Zero percent THC
  • 4 varieties, each with specific health benefits
  • 5 mg water-soluble CBD per cup
  • 18 Bleach Free Tea Bags / Box

Steeping Instructions

  • Use 1 teabag per cup of water.
  • Cover and steep for 3 to 6
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy!

Fresh water is essential for brewing a proper cup of tea.

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Organic CBD Tea Bundle Benefits

Once you've made the choice to use CBD as a way to generate better health, you want to make sure you aren't pouring your investment down the drain, right? Since oil and water don't mix, it's super important to choose a CBD tea that's as bioavailable as possible. Because our CBD is processed in a way that takes the oil and makes it into a powder, when you drink our water-soluble CBD teas, using only bleach-free bag, you're receiving a bioavailable experience you can count on.

*All four varieties of our CBD Teas have been tested to contain zero percent THC.

Four Water-Soluble CBD Teas:

  • CBD Chamomile Tea: The power of teamwork is at play with this remarkable blend. Using all organic ingredients (naturally!) we've combined chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, with our innovative water-soluble CBD, and the result is, well, sublime.
  • CBD Matcha Tea: Perhaps the silkiest, most enjoyable green tea you've ever tasted, our CBD Matcha Green Tea delicately nurtures your body's needs, and assists your mind's desire to calm down!
  • CBD Peppermint Tea: Always refreshing, never dull, our beneficial CBD Peppermint Tea promises drinkers a cooling, invigorating cup of tea that additionally delivers water-soluble CBD, making this blend one of our all-time favorites.
  • CBD Turmeric Ginger Tea: Perhaps trendy, always stunning, Turmeric Ginger Tea provides the healing power of curcumin, with warming and stimulating ginger. Assisted with black peeper for optimum bioavailability, this popular water-soluble CBD blend is a definite winner.

Why Buy the Bundle?

Why stress when choosing which of our water-soluble CBD Teas to try first? Doesn't that destroy the whole purpose of drinking CBD Tea in the first place? This CBD Tea Bundle allows you to slip into the blissful tea-drinking experience without worrying that you're missing out on a blend you didn't choose. Crafted using water-soluble CBD in each bleach-free tea bag, all you need do is heat fresh water to the right temp, let steep 3-6 minutes, then cozy in and enjoy.

Want to learn more on how our CBD Tea benefits you? Click Here

  1. Great flavour and great value review by Chrissie on 10/19/2018

    I first heard about this company from a friend and thought I would give it a try. So love it that I've ordered the selection to try them all- and they are all great.

  2. Brilliant bundle review by Kelly Cormi on 10/17/2018

    This was my first time trying any Buddha Tea products. I have to begin this by emphasizing how pleased I am with these products. I recently tried CBD this year through a vape pen, but didn’t really notice any effects. I can truly say that these teas INSTANTLY work to calm down my constant anxiety and racing mind. I have been searching for something to work fast to ease stress and this is exactly what I was looking for. The best flavors by far are the peppermint and turmeric ginger. But I absolutely love the fact that matcha is included. The packaging and service is fantastic. Truly a great purchase!

  3. Subtle pain relief at a good price review by hsmukler on 10/17/2018

    I have gotten to the point where my sharp back pain is now manageable and part of that process for me is drinking several cups of CBD laced tea everyday.
    I use the Green Tea with caffeine in the morning and the mint tea before I go to bed. I have been able to substitute Buddha Teas for pain pills.
    It doesn't always work and sometimes I need to take a pill, but that is increasingly unnecessary. Also the 4-pack is substantially cheap than what I pay at the healthfood store

  4. Great Product! review by AB on 10/17/2018

    Love all the flavors! I didn't know which one to choose so figured the best option would be to get the bundle and am glad I did.

  5. Great tea option! review by Frank on 10/16/2018

    I’m a big tea drinker and I love this tea. They are perfect to wind down your day, or relax you in the middle of a long day. Refreshing flavors and very relaxing CBD effect. Two thumbs up

  6. Cbd bundle review by Christy on 2/28/2018

    I received my cbd bundle really fast. The tea is very good and relaxing. I love it.

  7. Amazing Benefits! review by Valerie on 2/27/2018

    I have been really enjoying the different teas in the CBD bundle...and within a day or two after starting to drink them...I noticed I was not getting the muscle problems and tireness as much...and that is after only a couple of days. so I look forward to seeing what will occur after a week or two.

  8. Teas review by Rokhard on 2/12/2018

    You all keeps coming up with AWESOME teas. I love hot teas & these teas are organic and healthy. These teas helps 100% with my health concerns. THANK YOU BUDDHA TEAS FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK.

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